Partner with the expert in All games!

With decades of experiences in the full cycle development of lottery games, from betting UI interface, odds payout table, process flow, transaction records to reports, control and setting, we have a tested and proven system in place.

Games API

The Keno Games API is a flexible, modular and seamless way to connect our partners' systems with our iGaming platform and products whatever your business requirements.

Intriguing game interface, both Web and H5 that make placing a bet a breeze. Players can easily navigate the various game play types, place a bet and wait eagerly for the results. For even greater flexibility our API can integrate into your system as a separate stand-alone product!

Game Portal

Create your own or adopt existing well-accepted game. The choice is yours. Game customization allow you build a name that is uniquely yours.

Fast Response &
Mobile Enabled

Build with Mobile User in mind, fast loading page with ease of playing. Allowing your players to play anywhere, anytime.

Clean & Easy to
Navigate Interface

Having all vital information at a glance makes playing games intuitive and a pleasant experience.

Back Office

Our backoffice management system allows you to manage and control all aspect of your games. From game activation, tweaking of payout table and set the bet limits etc to improve bottom line. Easy access to reports to understand/ analysis users game habits and behaviours.


Support creation of unlimited number of sites, to cater to different markets or regions. Monitor these sites performance and set administrative access for specific site.